Green Grass in the Spring: A Cowboy's Guide to Saving the World


Tony is a lifelong rancher and has refined his practice of Holistic Management since he attended his first course with Allan Savory in 1987. He has extensive ranching and Holistic Management experience in the Northern Great Plains, the sagebrush steppe of Wyoming, and the Nebraska sandhills. He has demonstrated the ability to manage livestock to heal the ecosystem processes while increasing profitability. He has been successful in lowering boundaries between the environmental and ranching communities and liberal and conservative ideologies.

This book is truly about growth from soil to your soul. Embedded in the space between the beautifully crafted words is an invitation for us all to practice our lives as if all life depends upon it. Because it does and Tony proves it. Be prepared to be surprised.

--Christopher Cooke, Holistic Management 3LM UK Hub Leader